I placed an order and received the payment confirmation; however, the order results as “Pending Payment”. Has my payment been received?

Yes: if you have a payment receipt, it means that your order has been paid for. The order will be processed in the morning of the first following working day.

How long does the delivery take?

You can find all the info under our TERMS AND CONDITIONS

My order status is “On Hold”. What does it mean?

When an order is “On Hold” it means that one or more of the products you selected are out of stock. We’ve written you an email about this issue; so, check your mailbox, even the spam folder!

I want to give a “Gift Card” for someone. What should I do?

To purchase a “Gift Card” you should send an email with the Subject “GIFT CARD” to LYLYTHOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM  with the following data:

– Name and Surname of the receiver

– Desired amount

– Email address of the receiver

– Email PayPal account of the buyer

You’ll receive a payment request of the desired amount on your PayPal account. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we’ll send the code to the person you wish!

I think my product is defected. What can I do?

Send us an email at LYLYTHOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM with “DEFECT” as a subject, specifying which is the defect you found and attaching pictures and videos of the object you purchased. i.e. “the object doesn’t charge” + video of the product while charging. The Customer Service, together with our suppliers, will determine the entity of the damage and will answer to any found defect, as we specify in our returns.

Is the delivered envelope anonymous?

Your order will be placed inside a semi rigid LYLYTH shopper and subsequently put inside a standard, anonymous envelope by our Courier Service. The best thing to avoid arousing your neighbor’s curiosity is to act as you just received a pair of socks. Trust us.

I have a gift card, but I can’t insert the code. What can I do?

First, we advise you to check the spelling. Secondly, we suggest you do the following: – Insert the discount code in the cart, then click “Refresh”. – If you still experience problems after this operation, contact to our Customer Service.


When are your Hours of Operation? 



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