The G Spot


Back in the 50’s, a German doctor and scientist named Ernst Grafenberg is thought to have ‘discovered’ the G-Spot while studying the role of the urethra in female orgasm. We’re pretty sure that this highly sensitive area on the upper vaginal wall had been found by lovers, women and otherwise vagina-owners long before that, but thanks Ernie.


Countless studies have been carried out since and while there’s still ongoing debate about the G-Spot’s existence, the fact remains that for many, the pinnacle of internal pleasure centers around a rough-textured patch of tissue a few inches into the vagina. G-spot vibrators, (as you might expect) are designed to target the G. Most feature a dramatic angle and/or a swollen tip that extends the reach through to the upper wall. Many rabbit vibes are now being designed with a G-seeking shaft, giving pleasure seekers the benefit of g-spot plus clitoral stimulation.


Usually, firmer is better when it comes to G-Spot vibes. Direct and steady massage combined with a curvy shape is the best recipe for G-spot orgasm, so look for a vibe in plastic or a harder silicone material.

 Product Recommendations: Eris Vibrator, Eros Vibrator, Erato Vibrator, and the Mini G Spot Vibrator. 

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