That Wet Wet

Whether you get super wet on your own or you need a little friendly lube assistance, there’s one part of your body whose job it is to lubricate your vagina in preparation for sex - the Bartholin’s glands. These microscopic glands are right inside your inner labia (you can't see them!) and, when you become turned on, they lubricate the outside of the vaginal canal.

Since they only produce a little bit of moisture, many women need foreplay to get - and stay - wet. So don't be afraid to ask for it next time you get down with a partner. And don't shy away from lube, either! It's for everyone, regardless of how wet you get naturally, and can be just what you need to get you over the edge. Just think: would you rather feel a sexy glide or an uncomfortable tug on your clit? That's where lube can help.

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