Blind Folded Justice

The five senses; hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling. During the act of sex, we use every sense simultaneously. So, imagine having one of these senses taken away, one most can not live without. Having your sight taken away during such a vulnerable act can seem scary and has to be done with someone you trust. As the person being blindfolded, you must relax and fully submit to your partner. As the person who is doing the blindfolding you must be gentle, keep the conversation going so your partner can follow your voice. And if bondage is being incorporated have a safe word ready. This erotic form of pleasure is a daunting tease of continuous anticipation. A kiss on the neck or navel, a direct order to open one’s mouth and have to wait for further instructions, or a gentle lick across the lips can send your partner into a spasm. However, if you want to take this act to new heights, invoke the other senses to be used. This can be done by including elements like ice or sensual oils for touch, and elements like chocolate or wine for taste. Another option is to incorporate BDSM. Grab a chair and have your partner sit down, then give him or her direct orders on what you want them to do. Drag a feather along your partner's body, let them feel how wet or hard you are, incorporate a scintillating toy, or go all in and make them moan out with amazing oral. For an added effect include thirty-second intervals where you don’t touch or say anything. Leaving them in unforgettable suspense.

Recommended Item: LyLyth Blindfold or LyLyth Silk Restraint


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